About Deborah Vaughan

Deborah Vaughan is an author, artisan, educator and popular workshop facilitator and speaker.

An Anglican priest for almost 20 years, and now the presiding bishop of the Community Catholic Church of Canada (Old Catholic), Deb has an M.Div from Trinity College and has a degree in Journalism from Ryerson. She has enjoyed ministry in diverse congregational settings. She is also part-time pastor at Elcho United Church near Smithville. 

From her homebase in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Deborah offers services dedicated to helping people rediscover their joy and satisfaction in life through Spiritual Direction, workshops, counselling and pastoral services.

An important part of her ministry is offering handcrafted crosses, angels, prayer beads and other items that she personally creates for churches, schools, organizations and groups across North America and Europe. 

Deborah has facilitated seminars on such topics as stress reduction, meditation and inner healing; workshops on empowerment, prosperity, self-esteem and forgiveness as well as many other topics.

She offers popular workshops that are Christ-centred, based on the ministry and teaching of Jesus; workshops for secular groups are non-religious, focused on important life themes such as love, purpose, prosperity, unity, spirituality, and more. All of the themes are vital to growth along life's journey and speak to the needs of every group.

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A sampling of seminar participants' comments from our files:

"I so enjoy Debbie's workshops. You can see Love shining out of her eyes!" - J. B. Etobicoke

"She has a way of taking Biblical themes and making them relevant to my life. I always found the Bible boring and hard to understand, but she made it interesting and useful to me."- E.R., Markham

"I've heard priests who were entertaining, and I've heard priests who were inspiring, but I've never heard anyone who was both at once, till now. Thank you." - L.S. Toronto