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Back to School!  A Gift of Faith for Staff

In these challenging times, educators and staff are certainly heroes.  Working under very difficult circumstances, these beautiful crosses, handcrafted by Deborah offer a reminder that whatever we do we are blessed and protected by the love of God.


Available in rainbow tones, blue tones, purple tones and earth tones, you can order these very special crosses for the wholesale price of $6 ea with a minimum order of 25, with the necklace cord included.


Each cross is absolutely unique, made from vibrant polymer clay and handcrafted with blessings and love by Deborah.  Backed by a prayer card and presented in a clear cello package, necklace cords can added at a nominal cost.

Payment options

Call 905-468-9502 to place your order..  We also accept electronic money transfers, VISA and Mastercard as well as cheques.. 

You can order as many as you like over the 25 pc minimum to receive the discount. As we are a small business, we prefer that payments are made at the time of placing the order.  

25 crosses without necklace cords: 150.
Pay securely and conveniently with Paypal:

25 Educator Crosses - with cords (small processing fee)

Affordable, Beautiful and Unique
 the Transformation Cross 
is the perfect gift!

We are so grateful to the many churches, schools and groups who have ordered Confirmation, Graduation, First Communion, Baptism Sponsor and Thank You Crosses.
These wonderful, affordable crosses are tokens of faith that will inspire and affirm your staff and volunteers and send your graduating class off on their journey with a memorable blessing. 

Handcrafted with care and attention by Deborah Vaughan, each cross is made of vibrant and durable polymer clay, backed by a prayer card and packaged in clear cello.  

Each cross is $5 with a minimum order of 25 pieces.  Scroll down to order by paypal or call 905-468-9502 if you would like more information or to order with a credit card or a number of crosses not divisible by 25.

A Thoughtful, Affordable, Token of Faith
As the Church Year rolls along, there are many occasions to offer a gift of thanks or encouragement to the Altar Guild, Church School teachers, countless volunteers, lay leaders, church staff... the list goes on. Why not give them a meaningful token of appreciation for their labours of love.  

A Favourite Fundraiser For Groups
Women's groups report that people purchase several crosses at at time at sales and functions.  Youth Groups have had great success offering the crosses at prices up to $15 per cross, yielding a nice profit for their projects.

The Transformation Cross offers a one-of-a-kind gift for all pastoral events and occasions.  Those who are shut in or hospitalized cherish the cross they receive.

The Transformation Cross
A symbol and a sign of faith and trust in action.
Everyone gets there at some point. Life gets hard or scary or painful and earthly wisdom is no longer enough to offer the missing ?peace? to the puzzle.

There is only one place to turn, one Shoulder big enough for our tears. As the burden is given over, the miracle of transformation occurs. Peace comes, bringing the assurance that whatever lies behind or before us, we are safe in the arms of Love.

For those in the Christian community, the Cross is the ultimate symbol of transformation. Death gives way to new life and despair turns into joy, the cross is a visual reminder that with God all things are possible.

In this time of heightened fear and anxiety, we asked for something that we could offer in the name of Love to assist all who are struggling. After a time of prayer, we discovered that we were given the same symbol -- the image of the Transformation Cross.

This cross symbolizes that journey of faith, with its crossbar transformed into hands lifted up to receive the outpouring of grace that is showered upon us when we allow God to work in us.

The Transformation Cross is the perfect gift for people of faith with its hopeful message of Love working in our lives. It is especially meaningful for anyone facing trials.

"I bought my Cross during a tough time.  As I say the prayer and hold the cross throughout the day, I have come to see God's loving hand turning things around for me. Thank you, God!"Lynn G, Hamilton

 One-of-A-Kind and Handcrafted with Care

 Made of durable and vibrant polymer clay each Cross is as unique as a snowflake.  Lightweight and sealed with a glossy finish, each cross comes ready to be popped onto a cord or chain.

Measuring just over an inch in height, this is a comfortable cross to wear, or pop in a pocket. Each comes on a card with a beautiful prayer.


"I absolutely love my Cross.  When I wear it, feel wrapped in God's Love"  
Ann P, Toronto  

    Who will appreciate these Crosses?

Women's Groups
Baptism Sponsors, parents and candidates
First Communion groups
Confirmation Groups
Hospital Visitors
Pastoral Visits
Bereavement Groups
Cursillo candidates and members
 "My church group is always looking for little gifts for guest speakers or as a token of thanks.  The Transformation Crosses are such high quality and we can feel the blessing it brings.  I have been proud to wear mine and give them away as gifts."
 Elsie H. Scarborough


A Design for Hope 

Deb has created these one-of-a-kind crosses to transform your fears to faith, your tears to triumph, and your pain to praise. Each cross is energized and blessed with the intention that you may be fully embraced by Divine Love and have a greater awareness of the grace of God working in your life.
Because each one is absolutely unique, you may well see images that are naturally created by the swirl of colour, a little wink from God.

You'll notice something a little different about the shape of this Cross.  After much prayer and reflection, this is the image that came to her- the crossbars echoing the shape of hands uplifted in surrender and raised in praise. Its unique design is a visible reminder that we are always transformed by Love. A sacred symbol of Love that will not let us go!


"When I heard they were made by hand, I envisioned a "crafty" kind of thing.  Deborah is a true artist! Each cross is a work of beauty and very professionally presented. I am proud to offer them to my members and their families."
Rev. P.H., Ontario

  A Special Time Limited Offer!
 Larger quantity details are listed below, but if you'd like to sample the Transformation Cross, we are offering 10 crosses, in your choice of colors, for only $50 (half the retail price)! Note that cords are not included.

Choice of Brown, White, Rainbow tones or Madonna Blue. 

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Call us at905-468-9502 to place your order with a VISA, Mastercard or by email money transfer.

A Thoughtful Gift or a Natural Fundraising Item, the Transformation Cross is a blessing for all.

The Transformation Cross is available individually for $10 each. Because we believe they can be a blessing to so many people, we are offering the crosses at a special bulk rate to groups, parishes and organizations.

We are offering these beautiful crosses at a bulk rate of only $5 per piece!
Lot of 25 Transformation Crosses -  $125
Lot of 50 Transformation Crosses -  $250  
Lot of 100 Transformation Crosses -$500 

Prices are in Canadian dollars.

 Choose from five colour pallettes:

 Earth tones         

  Rainbow tones

White tones

  Blue tones

             NEW Burgundy tones


Mix and Match as you like!   

Payment Options

You can order as many crosses as you like over the 25 minimum to get the discount.  You can also mix and match colours as part of the same order. (For example, you may want 20 graduation crosses in blue and 30 volunteer thank you crosses in rainbow.) Just give Deborah a call to set it in motion.

Call 905-468-9502 to place your order with a credit card.  We also accept electronic money transfers, cheques and money orders. 

Please note that we are a small business and we prefer that payments are made at the time of placing the order if possible. 

There is an additional fee for shipping. Taxes are covered and everything is in Canadian dollars.

Orders are individually created and turnaround time is about 10 days. Items are shipped via Canada Post Expresspost.

Contact Deborah at bishopdeb@sympatico.ca if you have any questions.

 Bulk order of 25
Transformational Crosses @$5 ea
With Cords $5.40 ea

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  Bulk order of 50
Transformational Crosses @$5 ea
With Cords $5.40 ea


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Choose Your Colours
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Bulk order of 100
Transformational Crosses
@$5 ea
With Cords $5.40 ea

Select Your Preference
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Bulk order of 200

Transformational Crosses
($4 per piece
With  Cords $4.35 ea


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Fundraising Opportunity
for your parish or group!

Bishop Deb receives $10 and more for individual pieces.  People love them and often buy more than one, expressing enthusiasm over their colour and natural imagery. 

Consider offering these crosses for sale after church at coffee hour, selling them to parish members as a devotional and supportive token of their faith walk. 

 When your group members sell the crosses at the regular $10 price,  they earn a full 50% to assist your organization.  We understand that the crosses have been purchased at prices of $15 and more, earning even more money for your worthy cause. 

Each cross is lovingly handcrafted and blessed by Bishop Deb, completed with a jump ring and comes backed on a card in a clear sealed package.


Purchase one cross at the regular price of $10:

Choose Your Colour

 Thank you for your order

Questions? Please call us at 905-468-9502 or email us at bishopdeb@sympatico.ca