Feedback and Kudos

We are so delighted to receive client's feedback.  If you have a comment or a story, just send us an email and we'll post it here.

Dear Bishop Deb, I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciated the beauty of your work.  It is clear that your prices are a real blessing to those of us with limited budgets.  We used the crosses at the teachers welcoming Mass and the staff were truly moved by the beauty and the blessing that the crosses bring.
L.L. Toronto


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful ministry.  The order of crosses arrived, we put them out at coffee hour and there are only two left!  What a great way for our group to raise funds.We will be in touch to order a larger number!  M. J.,


         Deborah!  I must admit when I heard "handcrafted" I was a little
         worried.  YOU are a true artisan.  I feel God's love in each and every
         cross.  I am so grateful and my bible study group members are too. 
         Blessings to you.  V.M., Scarborough

Absolutely beautiful. I wear my angel necklace all the time and have been stopped so people can admire it. So I tell them where to find your web site and I brag shamelessly about your talents. P.K. Scarborough

Hi Deborah, the crosses arrived yesterday and they are quite beautiful. The prayer cards accompanying the crosses are wonderful and very appropriate.   It is most appreciated. M.F. Toronto, Ontario

Deborah, the crosses are beautiful!  Everyone raved about them and were so touched by the gift.  Thanks for making me look so good!  J. Long, Milton, Ontario

We gave out the crosses along with the diplomas at our graduation ceremony.  There were so many comments as parents and students compared their crosses.  I will be definitely calling again.  Thank you for your beautiful offerings.   We can tell they are very special.  T.K., Scarborough, Ontario

I received your package with the crosses today.  I have to say that it will be a great pleasure to give these to my church school teachers.  I couldn't believe how each one was so different and yet so beautiful!  I can't wait to see the reaction.  S.S., Markham, Ontario

I just wanted to let you know that the Transformation Crosses were a huge hit!  We put them out after church at coffee hour and very few are left.  We'll be in touch to order more.  What a great idea for a fundraiser! 
S. A., Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thanks Deborah, for getting these crosses to us so quickly.  It was such a delight talking to you and we are so very pleased with the selection that you sent.  The students will have something so special to remember us by and we are proud to offer them with our love.  Rev. S., New York

My husband and I have been extremely active in Cursillo for many years and are constantly looking for gift items that represent both our faith and the Cursillo Movement. “RevDeb’s” Transformation Crosses fit the bill completely because we know each handmade symbol has been prayed over as it is made. The recipients of our gifts are delighted and inspirited with the story. Plus, the crosses are truly beautiful.   S.K., Louisiana

I received my cross as a gift from a dear friend.  I am writing to order 25 Transformation Crosses so that I can offer support and a token of faith and encouragement to others.  I can't tell you how much I value my cross.  I have it on a beautiful chain and everywhere I go, people admire it.  Thank you for offering your gift in this way.  I can feel the blessing it brings. 
D.R., Toronto, Ontario