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A Cross for Every Occasion
A token of Faith for the Journey

The symbol of the Cross has great significance to those who follow Christ.

It stands as a reminder to lean on Jesus when things get tough.  It inspires us when we are going through transition or embracing new paths.  It can mark a very special event in our faith journey.  It is a prayer that we hold when there are no words.

Throughout our life, the Cross is there, a pathway to the Good News of forgivenss and victory won byJesus in his death and resurrection.  We are transformed through it.

Deb has created a cross (given to her in prayer) that echoes the many ways that we come to the Cross.  With it's upraised arms, The Transformation Cross reflects times when we are joyful or praising, or surrendering... We reach out to God and we are embraced by Love.

Each Cross is unique, made from polymer clay.  As Deb works with the clay she prays for the recipient and blesses each piece.  The swirls of colours can sometimes create incredible images.  People remark how peaceful they feel when they are wearing or holding the piece.

Retailing for $20 and up, Deb's crosses have been sent as gifts to loved ones for healing, bereavement, Affirmation, inspiration, comfort, and as a thank you gift.

For the past 20 years, the crosses have been offered to schools, church groups, and other organizations for landmark occasions and fundraisers.

Special Pricing for Your Needs

As a special part of her ministry, Deb offers the crosses to organizations with a backing card, packaged in a cello envelope for $6 each when a minimum of 25 pieces are ordered.  Black silk cords are included.

The crosses are available in

  • vibrant blue tones

  • earth tones

  • purple tones

  • and rainbow tones.


Ordering Your Crosses

Many groups choose an assortment, which makes for a lovely mix of colours.

To receive the discounted price, order any amount that you wish over 25 pcs. 


Call Deb at 905-468-9502 to discuss your order and the occasion.  Etransfers are accepted at or an invoice can be sent via Square (it will include a small processing fee.) Purchases orders can be arranged. You can also order using the paypal buttons below.  Shipping charge will also be included.

There is a turn around time of  weeks, as Deb creates the orders as they come in.  The order will arrive via expedited Canada Post.  Rush orders can be accomodated.  

We pay the tax!


Ordering through Paypal

After placing your order, please email Deb at or call 905-468-9502 to detail which colours you would like, the occasion, and the deadline. 

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Order of 75 Crosses


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Order of 100 Crosses


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Order of 125 Crosses


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Order of 150


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Order of 175 Crosses


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Order of 200 Crosses

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